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After five months of school and work, a 48 hour tour of New York, a day-long interview and a 2 hour plane ride back, I finally made it back to Chesterton, Indiana. I’m sitting on my old bed listening to the ceiling fan as it repeats the same old hum for years. The dogs have grown quite a bit, and my sister is now taller than me. The billboards along the highway have changed, and we now have a garage in our back yard.

I always feel excited to be home, not only for the imminent relaxation, but also for the fantastic productivity I typically have on winter break. I have a lot of work chocked up for the next few weeks, including microservice projects, internship applications, JavaScript reading, C++ reading, and general experiments. I am not an expert at productivity, but I can give you a broad outline of how I expect to accomplish these things.

The schedule

As I described in an earlier post, I am going to be working on a project with seneca.js, blogging about the progress every week. I need some way to keep consistent, some sort of rhythm for the daily agenda that can keep things in sync across the projects that I want to get done. This is my plan:

  1. At the end of every day, write a blog post and create a checklist for the things I want to do the next day.
  2. Wake up some time before noon, and get a decent breakfast/lunch in my system.
  3. Take on one task for 90 minutes or so, ideally something to do with code.
  4. Look at my phone for the first time in the day, only after I’ve accomplished something.
  5. Spend time with my brother/grandparents/sister/family for most of the afternoon, including dinner.
  6. Head upstairs sometime around 7ish to get some more code written or books read. Make sure phone is far away.
  7. Grab late night snack and listen to music with Jonah before writing blog post.

I think that pretty much sums up how my days will pan out, if all goes according to plan. Would you do anything differently? What is your schedule? Let me know!