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It’s over, I am done with finals, and I will never take these classes again. It’s surprisingly not as satisfying as I was hoping. When you spend a few weeks looking at an end goal, imagining what it will feel like, you can’t wait to be there. Sometimes, I wished I could have just blinked and had the semester be over, and be sitting here now with no finals, no last minute papers, no homework assignments, just me and nothing to do.

So I made it, and like anyone who makes it to the finish line, I’m not quite sure how to feel about it. I’ve spent so long just trying to keep swimming, that now that I’ve made it to land I’m not even sure how I can walk. I think seeing my family will help, and having more time to do the things I want to do will really be nice. I have a Christmas list of what I want to work on, so in lieu of a highly-polished JavaScript walk-through, or motivational article, let me just write my list on what I want to learn next and you can tell me what you think.

Christmas list

  1. Microservice architecture
  2. C++ (some fun application, like using OpenGL or something)
  3. FORTRAN (I’ve been strangle approached by a few people who would like FORTRAN knowledge, plus it would be nice to contribute to making Node.js more number-friendly)


  1. Finish reading things on Superhero.js
  2. Learn ClojureScript
  3. Dual-boot with Linux and only use vim for text editing
  4. Build a UI breaking module that tests style robustness, like what an extra-long title looks like or what happens when the image is the wrong size.
  5. Get some sort of robot and start playing with Johnny-Five
  6. Catch up on my sleep

These are not too crazy for my goals, but I will have a hard time gearing back up to turbo mode again. I am very tired after this semester, and think I just need to spend a few minutes every day for the next month being grateful that this semester is over.